Lombard (and legs) go ‘Hollywood.’ In color. In 1931.   Leave a comment

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This leggy cover of Carole Lombard, from Hollywood magazine, already was on newsstands in late June of 1931 when she was taken “off the market,” so to speak, by William Powell. Sorry, guys.

Master photographer Edwin Bower Hesser, who often used Lombard as a subject (as was Jean Harlow), took the image, using a process he called “Hessercolor.” It’s pretty stunning now; one only can imagine the reaction it must have drawn some 84 years ago.

Inside, Lombard and Powell are united (and cited) in the magazine’s capsule movie reviews, specifically for their Paramount collaboration, “Ladies’ Man”:

And I had absolutely no idea the term “lounge lizard” existed in 1931; it sounds so, well, ’70s. (Imagine William Powell, the very definition of “urbane,” in a lime leisure suit. On second thought, please don’t.)

Can’t tell you too much more about this issue, as Hollywood issues prior to 1934 have yet to be uploaded by the Media History Digital Library (though the above cover of Carole should provide some impetus). But we have some stuff available, such as the front page and a rather paltry table of contents:

Inside are these goodies. First, a Hurrell portrait of Norma Shearer, the subject who changed his career, opposite the beginning of a feature on Greta Garbo and fashion:

Then, an early pic of Ginger Rogers and Harry Carr’s column:

There’s a two-page pictorial on Ruth Chatterton, who believe it or not was 37 1/2 when this feature ran:

And finally, some stars in swimsuits, serving as a remember that Lombard wasn’t the only lady in Hollywood with good legs:

Aside from having penciled dates on the cover, this magazine is in excellent condition — and there are two ways it can be yours. Either buy it outright for $39, or bid, starting at $30. In that case, the auction lasts through 6:32 p.m. (Eastern) a week from Saturday. The link to this item is http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hollywood-7-31-Carole-Lombard-cover-Garbo-Barrymore-Swanson-Chatterton-/141801787622?hash=item21040b90e6.

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