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Posted by vp19 on 2015.10.17 at 17:27

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Lovely Carole Lombard pic, isn’t it? Well, it’s part of a group of clippings being auctioned via eBay:

Here’s what’s included:

* 2 portrait pages (1932, 1935)
* a 2-page article, “The College Boys’ Delight” (magazine unknown, 1931)
* a 3-page article, “Portrait of a Self-Made Woman” (Movie Classic, December 1935)

* a 2-page, 2-pic fashion feature from 1932
* a 1-page color Lucky Strike ad from 1937

* a 1-page ad for “Fools For Scandal” (1938)
* a Lux ad (1941)
* and 3 candids

The seller says their condition is “Generally good — articles/story feature may have issues — chips/tears/fragile acidic paper decline due to age, but overall great for their age (80+ years)!”

Bidding begins at $7.99, and the auction closes at 1:38 p.m. (Eastern) Tuesday. Think you’d like to add this to your collection of Lombardiana? Then go to

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