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“Swing High, Swing Low” was proof of Carole Lombard’s box-office potency in early 1937. This musical drama — neither genre associated with her — was Paramount’s biggest moneymaker of the year (Fred MacMurray’s steadily rising popularity helped, too). And the Feb. 27 issue of the Motion Picture Herald shows how the studio promoted its release:

In addition to that four-page spread, Paramount put an ad on the back cover of the weekly publication:

Here are some other parts of this issue. The cover, in the magazine’s traditional orange:

And some ads for “The March of Time,” Eddie Cantor’s “The Kid From Spain,” and an upcoming package of Gene Autry films:

Oh, and let’s not forget the lovely, leggy Joan Blondell in “The King and the Chorus Girl”:

You can buy the issue for $19.99. Learn more at http://www.ebay.com/itm/MOTION-PICTURE-HERALD-2-27-1937-EDDIE-CANTOR-CAROLE-LOMBARD-/381381362791?hash=item58cc19c467.


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