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carole lombard eric blore paul lukas 00a

I’ve had this image of Carole Lombard with Eric Blore and Paul Lukas in my online collection for several years, but didn’t know much more about it. Now I do, as a vintage photo of this trio (albeit in a slightly different pose) has surfaced on eBay.

carole lombard eric blore paul lukas 01b front

The bad news is obvious: This photo is not in the best of shape. The good news is, we learn much more about this image from the information on the back:

carole lombard eric blore paul lukas 01a back

It was taken at the Racquet Club in Palm Springs (and judging from Carole’s outfit, she either was getting ready to play some tennis or had just finished a game), and the photographer was a certain J.B. Scott for Dell Publishing Co.’s “Modern Magazines” (most likely Modern Screen or possibly Modern Romances). It’s marked as being from November 1935, which may have been when it was received at the office, not necessarily the month it was published. (Since neither Modern Screennor Modern Romances currently have an online presence, we can’t answer the question.) Lukas, of course, co-starred with Carole in “No One Man,” while Blore was a longtime comic character actor best known for supporting roles in several Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers movies.

Finally, this was part of the collection of the late Susan Marie Rice, a longtime Lombard collector who lived in Glendale, Calif., not far from Carole’s resting place at Forest Lawn, and someone I met during my first trip to southern California in June 1989.

The photo measures 4″ x 5″, and the seller notes: “I recently acquired an injured feral cat & a very expensive vet bill that needs to be paid off!” So you can help with the care of an ailing animal by acquiring this picture. You either can bid on it, starting at $74.99 — bidding closes at 1:31 a.m. (Eastern) Friday — or purchasing it outright for $99.99. Find out all the information by visiting

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