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Carole Lombard was among the many stars in Hollywood associated with Lux soap. Not only did she appear several times on its highly-rated “Lux Radio Theater” between May 1938 and June 1941, but she was frequently seen in ads for the company. Here’s one I don’t believe we’ve run before, from Modern Screen of September 1937:

Aside from the ad about her beauty bath, there wasn’t much about Lombard in that issue, although there was this tidbit from the “Good News” gossip column:

Interesting that the piece focuses more on Lynn Fontanne’s obliviousness than any Lombard humiliation. (And a few years later, Clark Gable would take on Alfred Lunt’s role in a rather castrated cinematic adaptation of “Idiot’s Delight.”)

The cover subject, from Earl Christy, is someone still with us today at age 99, Olivia de Havilland:

The issue featured portraits of two of my favorites, Marlene Dietrich…

…and Myrna Loy:

And the movie ads? They were plentiful. MGM led off, as usual, with a spot-color ad for several of its films, as usual (“Marie Walewska” soon would be renamed “Conquest,” as MGM wouldn’t go the non-pronouncable route for Greta Garbo until “Ninotchka”):

…followed by a two-page spread for Jack Benny’s “Artists and Models,” also with Ida Lupino, Gail Patrick, Martha Raye and music from Louis Armstrong:

Then there’s Selznick International’s “Prisoner of Zenda”…

…Twentieth Century-Fox’s musical “You Can’t Have Everything”…

…Barbara Stanwyck in Samuel Goldwyn’s classic “Stella Dallas”…

…and Shirley Temple in a John Ford-directed Rudyard Kipling yarn, Fox’s “Wee Willie Winkie”:

You can buy this straight up for $18 or bid, beginning at $12.95, in which case the auction will end at 8:55 a.m. (Eastern) next Saturday. Get all the info at http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vtg-1937-Modern-Screen-Barbara-Stanwyck-Carole-Lombard-Earl-Christy-Cover-/151844454300?hash=item235aa27f9c.

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