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Posted by vp19 on 2015.10.03 at 21:30

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…Carole Lombard month at the wonderful site http://dearmrgable.com/, as it’s been every October since 2010. (That’s where the above photo is from; let’s all raise a toast to Lombard.) There will be all sorts of Carole-related items and entries, such as this from its regular “Gossip Friday” feature, from a December 1936 fan magazine (http://dearmrgable.com/?p=10939):

“Hollywood seems to spend most of its spare time practical joking. When Clark Gable arrived at a radio studio the other night to play George Washington in an air version of Valley Forge, he found his dressing room littered with cherry trees and miniature axes, while on the mirror was a sign proclaiming him the “Father of His Country.” It was suspected to be the work of Carole Lombard. Gable retorted by sending her a sixpenny pop-gun for her birthday.”

As Carole’s birthday was Oct. 6 (she’d have turned 28 that year), I’m guessing the issue went to press later that month and hit newsstands in early November. Funny anecdote.

Now I wonder what radio program it could have been. It almost certainly wasn’t “Lux Radio Theater,” for which Clark kicked off its West Coast tenure on June 1, 1936 by co-starring with Marlene Dietrich, shown above, in a “Morocco” adaptation called “The Legionnaire and the Lady.”

Anyway, I await to see what goodies dearmrgable.com comes up with to celebrate Gable’s favorite lady.

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