‘Screenland,’ February 1941: A portrait, a plaudit and a prediction   Leave a comment

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That serene portrait of Carole Lombard, taken by photographer John Engstead, was part of the February 1941 issue of Screenland magazine. She didn’t have an overwhelming presence that month — her comedic comeback, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” would arrive in theaters later in February — but if you looked hard enough, you could find her.

Such as in this “Medals and Birds” column from the magazine’s S.R. Mook:

He gives honors to Carole, as well as to Myrna Loy and Claudette Colbert, in this segment:

Then, “noted Hollywood astrologer” Norvell (wasn’t that the “Angry Beavers” character voiced by Nick Bakay? No, that was Norbert) predicts the stars via the stars for 1941:

Here’s what was predicted for Carole and her fellow Libras:

The cover subject was the up-and-coming Betty Grable:

Movie ads included MGM’s “The Philadelphia Story”…

…a two-page spread from Paramount…

…Warners’ “High Sierra,” a pivotal role for Humphrey Bogart…

…and two films from Twentieth Century-Fox:

And for my Facebook friend Linda Lewis, her mother-in-law Loretta Young, a frequent guest on “Lux Radio Theater,” pitches the benefits of Lux soap:

You can buy this magazine, in very good condition, for $27.99. Go to http://www.ebay.com/itm/SCREENLAND-41-BETTY-GRABLE-CAROLE-LOMBARD-HEDY-LAMARR-VERONICA-LAKE-BETTE-DAVIS-/400994090931?hash=item5d5d1c3fb3 for details.


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