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One of the many benefits Carole Lombard had as a Paramount star was the studio’s strong international distribution system, giving its players substantial recognition beyond American borders. The two posters above for 1934’s dance extravaganza “Bolero” prove the point. (And check the second poster — think the prudish Joseph Breen would have dared let Lombard’s nipples be shown in an American ad, even in a drawing?)

An eBay seller has three original, and delectable, foreign-language posters from Carole’s films on the market. All are in the four-figure range, and deservedly so. We’ll begin with this Swedish-language one-sheet for the 1933 potboiler “White Woman”:

The price? $2,750, or $459 per month for six months. Purchase or learn more by visiting

Move ahead to 1937 and Lombard’s third of four teamings with Fred MacMurray, “Swing High, Swing Low”; the poster is in Swedish:

This one is $2,662 or $444 monthly for six months, and can be found at

Finally, one from Paramount’s next-door neighbor RKO, no slouch itself in international marketing. This poster, in Italian, promotes “Vigil in the Night”:

Compared to the others, it’s a relatively inexpensive $1,980 ($330 monthly for six months). You can make it your own or find out more by going to

But Carole’s charisma comes through in just about any language.

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