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Nearly 4 1/2 years ago, we noted that Carole Lombard never was awarded a WAMPAS “Baby Star,” an honor given up-and-coming actresses in the 1920s and early 1930s, because the Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers declined to give awards for 1930, citing the recent stock market crash and the industry’s transition to sound (

But Carole — or as she was known at that time, Carol (she didn’t resume using the “e” for good until later that year) — did get a consolation prize of sorts: She was named a “baby star” by Screen Secrets magazine in its February 1930 issue.

According to film historian Anthony Slide, Screen Secrets was one of Fawcett’s earliest fan magazine titles, one he called “surprisingly frank in its reporting on Hollywood subjects and stars”; it later merged with its sibling publication Screen Play. Not much of that frankness was evident in this two-page spread, although the pic of Lombard at upper left — from Pathe, showing plenty of leg, although she had left that studio several months earlier — is one I’ve never come across before. The image of these pages isn’t in the best of shape, alas:

Other honorees included Virginia Bruce (who, at the time this hit newsstands in January 1930, was working with Lombard in Carole’s Paramount debut, “Safety in Numbers”), Joan Bennett (who worked with Lombard in the 1928 Pathe silent “Power”) and Fifi D’Orsay, among others.

This wasn’t Lombard’s first appearance in the magazine; another leggy shot of her made its July 1929 issue:

The February 1930 issue had Marion Davies on its cover, courtesy of Edwin Bower Hesser:

There also are features on Joan Crawford and Nancy Carroll, pics of Loretta Young, Alice White, Kay Francis and more.

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