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Posted by vp19 on 2015.09.06 at 08:07

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There is something seductive, almost liberating, about a woman in man’s attire — even extending to a male hat. Carole Lombard knew it, too, which is why she occasionally posed wearing men’s hats. (Curiously, I don’t recall ever seeing any pics of Carole wearing a baseball cap, though I’m sure in some alternate universe, her 2015 self wears them all the time.)

Anyway, the photo above has long been a favorite of mine and others, and while I have yet to find a snipe from Paramount describing that picture (p1202-1620), we now at least know who took it — studio photographer William Walling in 1937, thanks to an inscription on the back:

But while we don’t have the snipe, we have a pretty vivid description of the still from the seller:

“Fabulous Carole Lombard portrait photo from Paramount Studios circa 1937. Photo by famed studio photographer William Walling. Great, sultry, sophisticated Lombard… one of her best images!”

I agree 100 percent.

As it turns out, there’s another image of Carole with that hat, p1202-1633, although the addition of a neckerchief rather distracts the eye from the millinery:

The p1202-1620 on sale is an 8″ x 10″ single-weight, said to be in fine/very fine condition. More from the seller:

“Flat, clean and glossy; some corner creasing at right edge and top left edge (but only in border… does not reach into image) and small quarter-inch tear at top right corner. Some very light silvering only visible in raking light attests to age of image. Very nice photo overall.”

You can buy it for $199.95, pay $34 a month for six months…or make a reasonable offer. All the details can be found at

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