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Posted by vp19 on 2015.08.07 at 05:17

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Paramount staff photographer Eugene Robert Richee took some delightfully sexy images of Carole Lombard during the early 1930s — in fact, below are two rarities from that very same session:

Each are impressive — so much so that you’ll have to shell out $695.95 (or make a best offer) for each one. Here’s more information:

“This is one of the most famous photo shoots that Richee did with Lombard. The back of the photo has Paramount Stamp with Eugene Robert Richee being credit for the photo. Photo is in great shape, shows a little handling wear and the corners have pin holes where someone had hung the photo.”

Specifics can be found at×10-Sexy-Pose-/301706566483?hash=item463f1cdb53 and at×10-Sexy-2-/291533269774?hash=item43e0bcab0e.

Each of these images (which I’m guessing actually are from 1933, promotional stills for that fall’s film “White Woman”) deserve all the praise they get; both are in excellent shape. And upon seeing these images, all Carole Sampeck of The Lombard Archive could say was, “Helluva dress.” We agree.

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