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Posted by vp19 on 2015.07.30 at 21:40

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I confess that the expected (and confirmed) absence of Carole Lombard from this year’s “Summer Under the Stars” schedule on Turner Classic Movies did little to spur interest in the event for me. (Her day came Aug. 10, one day after William Powell received a SUTS honor for the first time. Curiously, “My Man Godfrey” wasn’t shown on either day.)

Other things — notably my attempt at a screenwriting career — as I begin my second year as a Los Angeles resident also have interfered with my usual SUTS interest, so only now have I investigated the schedule. It’s the usual TCM mix of familiar, forgotten and overlooked stars. The schedule (* represents first-time honoree):

1. Gene Tierney
2. Olivia de Havilland
3. Adolphe Menjou*
4. Teresa Wright*
5. Fred Astaire
6. Michael Caine
7. Katharine Hepburn
8. Raymond Massey*
9. Robert Walker*
10. Joan Crawford
11. Rex Ingram*
12. Robert Mitchum
13. Ann-Margret*
14. Groucho Marx
15. Douglas Fairbanks Jr.*
16. Patricia Neal*
17. Lee J. Cobb*
18. Vivien Leigh
19. John Wayne
20. Mae Clarke*
21. Alan Arkin*
22. Marlene Dietrich
23. Debbie Reynolds
24. Warren Oates*
25. Virginia Bruce*
26. Greta Garbo
27. Monty Woolley*
28. Ingrid Bergman
29. George C. Scott*
30. Gary Cooper
31. Shelley Winters

Nearly half the honorees are newcomers, and those of particular interest to me include Menjou (his politics and racism were loathsome, but he was a talented actor), Ingram (this year’s “black” star), Fairbanks Jr. (whom I met a few years before his passing), Clarke (a wonderful actress who deserves to be known for far more than grapefruit), Bruce (who appeared with Lombard in Carole’s Paramount debut, 1930’s “Safety in Numbers”) and Woolley (delightful in “The Man Who Came to Dinner”).

For more on this year’s SUTS, visit


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