Carole! George! ‘Bolero’! ‘Rumba’! Dance, dance!   Leave a comment

Posted by vp19 on 2015.07.13 at 18:08

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Great news for you dancing fools out there (and I say that affectionately): the two dance films Carole Lombard made with George Raft, the 1934 hit “Bolero” and 1935’s less-successful “Rumba,” now are on DVD — in a 2-for-1 package, in fact. (I refer to these as dance films rather than musicals since there is no singing, at least not from the leads. They were going only so far in competing with RKO’s Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.)

Keep in mind this is not an authorized release; Universal, which controls the rights to both films as part of the pre-1948 Paramount product it owns, has never deigned to release them officially, so I can’t vouch for their quality. But according to the seller, these are region-free DVDs that can be played “on any NTSC-compatible DVD player.”

The double feature is selling for $14.95, and as of this writing, more than 10 are available. Like to order one? Then visit

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