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Posted by vp19 on 2015.07.06 at 12:48

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As in Madison Lacy, veteran Warners still photographer. Since Carole Lombard’s only movie at that studio was the lackluster “Fools For Scandal,” this candid is from that film, as Carole, director Mervyn LeRoy and co-star Fernand Gravet chat on the set. Since we don’t know at what point in the shooting this was taken, we don’t know if any of the three yet realized what a misfire they were making, aware that each of them (including Gravet) had made better pictures.

For proof this was taken by Lacy, look at the stamp on the back:

Many years later, Lacy (1898-1978), whose photographic career spanned parts of seven decades (form the late 1910s to the early 1970s), compiled a book of Hollywood leg art, which included some complimentary comments about Carole.

This 8″ x 10″ is listed in very good condition, with “some minor creases at the edges and corners.”

Bidding on this rarity begins at $15, with the auction ending at 9:05 p.m. (Eastern) Sunday. Make a bid or find out more by visiting http://www.ebay.com/itm/Carole-Lombard-Fernand-Gravet-Mervyn-LeRoy-candid-photo-1938-Fools-for-Scandal-/231614218368?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item35ed488080.

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