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Posted by vp19 on 2015.06.29 at 16:34

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Some Carole Lombard news worth cheering about…if you still own a VHS player. That’s because a videocassette of two silent campus comedies from the 1920s, starring the legendary Lombard and the earlier icon Clara Bow, now is available via eBay.

The Bow film is 1925’s “The Plastic Age,” which some claim features Lombard as an extra. I’ve never been able to confirm that, but it’s well-known that future second husband Clark Gable has a small part, some half a dozen years before he returned to Hollywood and gained genuine stardom. This still provides proof:

Bow is her usual vivacious self, playing a college flapper torn between two athletes. And of course in “Run, Girl, Run,” Lombard herself plays an athlete in the midst of Mack Sennett hijinks.

The tape is a former rental which according to the seller “plays great,” and can be yours for $9.99. If interested, visit


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