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Posted by vp19 on 2015.06.13 at 17:34

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That’s Carole Lombard with her kid (that’s the term used to refer to baby goats). Like Carole, I’ve never had an actual child (although as a male, I’d merely sire the “kid” — you women do the difficult part of giving birth). However, I consider myself the parent, of sorts, of Carole & Co., which today celebrates its eighth anniversary — and its first as a full-fledged resident of Los Angeles. (While I spent much of June in town getting my move from Virginia in order, I technically didn’t move in for good until late July.)

Were this blog a sentient human, I believe it now would graduate from T-bill to Little League (baseball or softball, if blogs have genders). We’d probably spend a lot of time watching Turner Classic Movies together and attending many of the revival and repertory movie houses LA is renowned for. By now, it’s been infused with plenty of love for Lombard — after all, it’s been brought up as a blog with good taste — and trained to be kind to other blogs, many of which are its junior. (In addition to eight years, today marks its 3,066th entry, slightly more than one per day.)

As I’ve stated so many times here before, this site (and Carole Lombard) has changed my life in the past eight years, serving as a catalyst for film history research, guiding me to this town and leading me to pursue a side career in screenwriting. Time will tell whether that venture will bear fruit (in the Lombard/classic Hollywood tradition, I’m currently working on a pair of old-school romantic comedies), but I’m certainly having fun learning the game. It also makes me appreciate the work of screenwriters for Carole’s films such as Robert Riskin, Norman Krasna, Ben Hecht and Claude Binyon; this endeavor isn’t easy. (If it were, as Binyon once said, every cabdriver in LA would do it — and sometimes, I sense nearly everyone of them are currently trying.)

Rather than continue my end of this conversation, let’s turn the tables and hear from you. If you wish to offer congratulations on Carole & Co.’s anniversary, wonderful — but I’d also like to get some specific memories regarding the site. Do you have any particular favorite entries? How did you learn about the blog? What do you most like about it, and where can we show improvement? I honestly would like to know.

But to close out this entry, here are eight more Lombard photos I’ve either never run here before or haven’t shown in quite some time. Enjoy, and once again, thanks.


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