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“Rumba” entered theaters early in 1935, hoping to capitalize on the success of “Bolero,” its Carole Lombard-George Raft older sibling dance film from the year before. It didn’t quite turn out that way, as it drew a tepid response from both critics and the box office.

Nevertheless, “Rumba” was promoted by Paramount in Brazil (where the samba was more its speed), as this Portuguese-language ad makes evident:

“Rumba” is near the upper left-hand corner, just below an ad for the 1934 Claudette Colbert “Cleopatra”…but look what else is on that page — “So Proudly We Hail,” “To Each His Own,” “The Lady Eve,” “Calcutta” — all films from the 1940s. It turns out this is an in-house ad from 1950 promoting Paramount product, at least as reissues. Here’s another page along those lines, albeit without a Lombard film:

Films on this one includes “Geronimo,” “Hold That Blonde” (with Eddie Bracken and Veronica Lake, which I saw at Cinecon last August and found mildly amusing) and “Welcome Stranger.”

Another page is similar to the first, although it’s tinted blue rather than purple:

Finally, a green-tinted page with different product, notably “The Plainsman,” “Arise My Love” and “The Road To Morocco”:

These pages are in excellent condition. The first two are sold as a unit for $22; to purchase or find out more, visit

The last two go for $24, and they’re to be found at

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