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Posted by vp19 on 2015.06.06 at 11:33

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We’ve got some fascinating photos of Carole Lombard today (many courtesy of my Facebook friend Tally Haugen), beginning with the shot above of Carole in a publicity still for “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” where we see her painting her toenails. Below, see Lombard rock a jacket and suit:

This one’s from the early ’30s, as Carole sits chicly and shows a little leg as well:

Now, Carole with some other folks. Here she is with David Niven, who minus his mustache looks a little less Niven-ish:

Finally, Lombard with Charles MacArthur (he co-wrote “Twentieth Century” with Ben Hecht), French designer and perfumist Lucien Lelong (for whom this pic was autographed) and director Mitchell Leisen. From the dress Carole’s wearing, this probably was on the set of “True Confession,” her final Paramount film, which would make it from the early fall of 1937:

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