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Actually, Carole Lombard did nothing of the sort — although a story on them in early 1935 might have made for fascinating reading. Instead, we have to settle for Carole appearing on the cover of the March 1935 Romantic Confessions Stories, whose sister publication, Romantic Movie Stories, had far more of an emphasis on Hollywood, as this ad on the inside front cover makes clear:

And the movies weren’t ignored in Romantic Confessions Stories –– for proof, take a look at this photo spread on film stars from around the world congregating in Hollywood (although you’ll note no black actresses made the cut). Nevertheless, it credited hometown girl Anna May Wong for her intelligence, a compliment one rarely saw in print about a non-white actor in 1935:

And these pages feature Neil Hamilton and Ann Sothern, along with Elissa Landi and Robert Donat:

“Blind Date Sweetheart” isn’t a movie title, but a piece of romantic fiction:

Here’s another story — and lpok at the array of items advertised on the facing page:

This issue is deemed in “very good” condition, with no marks or rips. Its opening bid is a mere 99 cents, although bidding isn’t set to end until 12:13 p.m. (Eastern) next Monday. If you’re interested, place a bid or learn more by going to

And the following June, Carole scored a cover appearance (painted by Zoe Mozert) in its sibling fanmag, Romantic Movie Stories:

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