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Posted by vp19 on 2015.05.27 at 14:48

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That Carole Lombard on the cover of the Dec. 4, 1937 issue of the British film magazine Picturegoer –– and author Michelle Morgan announced on her Facebook site today that “The postman just brought me my first ever Carole Lombard cover. Picturegoer 1937, with an article inside too!”

That article is a two-page spread on Carole’s current movie, “True Confession”:

I bring this up because Michelle has just been greenlighted to write a Lombard biography, a project she’s wanted to do for years. And the other day, I received this news from her:

Needless to say, I was both floored and thrilled by the news — but I wanted to make certain that this was not a singular honor:

And I meant every word of what I wrote. Carole Sampeck may not have a blog, but long before I got into this, she’s been spreading the word about Lombard through the memorabilia she’s collected for The Carole Lombard Archive, her expertise on autographs and so much more — such as accepting the recent honor for another recent Lombard book, “Fireball,” written by good friend Robert Matzen:

To me it is only fitting to share this honor, and I am so glad that’s the case.

So later in the entry, Michelle and I had this exchange:

I doubt very many of you have been listed in a book dedication; until now, I certainly hadn’t. And if you’ve ever read any of Michelle’s previous books — on Marilyn Monroe, Madonna or other topics — you know she does her research and writes in a fair, reasoned manner. While the number of people today who actually knew Lombard have dwindled down to a precious few, it’s been compensated for by a sharp increase in available Lombard-related print material through digital uploading of contemporary sources such as fan magazines and trade publications.

With that sort of access heretofore unavailable to Lombard biographers, Morgan should have another winner on her hands, and I know both Sampeck and I are thrilled that we’ll be a part of it.

And to close this entry, a song about dedication, one that’s become a standard of sorts. The 5 Royales had the original and toughest, most down-home version; the Shirelles had perhaps the biggest hit with it; and the Mamas and Papas added their own inimitable touch to the song in 1967. We are, of course, referring to “Dedicated to the One I Love.”

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