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Posted by vp19 on 2015.05.25 at 22:11

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“High Voltage,” released in the spring of 1929, was Carole Lombard’s first all-talkie, and as we’ve quipped before, it hardly lives up to its name, though it’s really no better (or worse) than most of its early sound contemporaries. But at the time, talking films were such a novelty to audiences that it managed some success at the box office.

The above image — where the cast is seeking to summon an airplane after their bus broke down and they found refuge in a chilly abandoned church — isn’t currently up for auction, but these next three from the movie are, including this somewhat similar exterior shot (this part of the movie was done on location in the Sierra Nevadas). Carole’s third from left, to the right of William Boyd and her Pathe pal Diane Ellis:

Next, Lombard is sleeping as Boyd (standing) and Owen Moore watch over her:

Finally, here’s Carole with Boyd, as an ill Ellis rests. This one also has a snipe:

Each of the photos is vintage, and all have opening bids of $5 with auctions ending between 11:42 and 11:47 a.m. (Eastern) next Monday.

For more on the exterior shot, go to; to learn about the one with Lombard sleeping, visit; and for information on the one with the snipe, check out

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