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Posted by vp19 on 2015.05.21 at 22:22

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If you were Carole Lombard, you’d be smiling, too. Why? It’s been announced that after eight years, author Michelle Morgan’s long-awaited biography of Carole will see the light of day next year.

Here’s how she announced the news at Facebook today:

“I am extremely happy, excited and ecstatic to share that I have just signed a contract with The History Press to write a biography about Carole Lombard. As many of you know, I have wanted to write this book for the past eight years, and finally the right publisher has been found. The book will be published in hardback next year, and I am absolutely thrilled! I will look forward to sharing more news about the project, as my work progresses. [smiley faces] — feeling blessed.”

The announcement was accompanied by this group of Lombard pics:

Morgan said, “I have been collecting some lovely original photos over the years, which I am excited about including. The photos seen here won’t be in the book, but are giving me inspiration from the wall above my desk.”

Morgan, a British native, has earned a reputation for writing fair and honest books on Hollywood history, volumes with integrity. One of her first books, on the early life of Marilyn Monroe, has won widespread praise for focusing on the humanity of Monroe, a person too often regarded as merely an icon.

That tradition has continued in subsequent books, including the recent “Mammoth Book of Madonna”; a biography of Thelma Todd slated for release this fall; and co-authoring another future release, “Before Marilyn,” a look back at Monroe’s modeling career before going into the movies. That book is from the History Press, which will issue the Lombard bio.

In the past, Morgan had announced a tentative title of “Carole Lombard — Twentieth Century Star”; whether the title will remain or be changed is yet to be known. All I can tell you is it should be anthoritative and full of things even the most avid Lombard fan may not be aware of. (Note: I aided Morgan some years ago in securing images of Carole for the book, although I have no idea whether any of them will be used.) Add how technology has made it far easier to collect information though digitalization of old newspapers, fan and trade magazines and other publications, and expect to learn more about Lombard than was available to authors of the past. I’m thrilled; somewhere, Carole is, too.

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