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Posted by vp19 on 2015.05.19 at 21:03

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She’s one of comedy’s all-time heroines, among the most beloved of cinematic characters. But Carole Lombard’s Irene Bullock won praise recently from an unexpected source — the far-right news site Newsmax.

I try not to be overly political at Carole & Co., for that really isn’t what this site is all about. But those of you who know me probably am aware that I’m somewhat left of center, though I try to avoid judging a person solely on his or her ideology, unless they’re so strident about it that it becomes predictable and irritating.

In the racent past, I’ve come across some thoughtful entries on classic Hollywood from another stalwart of the right, (although it also offers a section, “Big Hollywood,” with more ideologically-based entries on the culture wars). But Heretofore my primary exposure to them was through either-or ads asking you to vote on a particular politically-oriented topic, usually where President Obama or some other Democrat invariably is shown in an unflattering pose.

So it’s intriguing to see Lombard’s Irene the subject of debate from this perspective…particularly considering that, as I’ve frequently noted, the mindset of “Godfrey” appears more aligned to the Occupy movement than one linked to Newsmax.

Author Shawndra Russell cites 10 quotes about Lombard as Irene, from a contemporary account in Variety (erroneously listed as from 1935, as “Godfrey” didn’t hit theaters until September 1936) to a glowing tribute from Roger Ebert, someone whose ideology probably made him no friend of Newsmax. The quotes all are thoughtful and worth checking out (

Nevertheless, one guesses that if we somehow zapped the Newsmax staff back to the fall of 1940, when New Dealer Lombard was making the Hitchcock romantic comedy “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” with ardent Republican Robert Montgomery, she’d probably do with them what she did with Bob: slap Franklin D. Roosevelt bumper stickers over Montgomery’s promoting Wendell Willkie and the GOP.

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