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While many still are hesitant to confer the label “sex symbol” on Carole Lombard, there’s no doubt she was among her era’s more sexually liberated personalities, and Gary Cooper probably was one of her Hollywood bedroom connections. (I hesitate to use the phrase “conquests” where Carole was concerned; to qualify as a Lombard lover, one had to energize her mind as much as her libido.) Cooper and Lombard made two movies together, 1931’s rarely seen “I Take This Woman” and the 1934 drama “Now and Forever,” which today perhaps is better remembered for an early Shirley Temple appearance than for its two older stars.

The photo above, of Coop and Carole cavorting playfully, is from the latter film, as a complete view of the image confirms:

According to the seller, “The photograph is single weight with a glossy finish and with borders. There is nothing on the back. There is a caption along the bottom with the dated 1934. There is a faint bend lower left corner.” The 8″ x 10″ image is considered in “near mint” condition.

You can purchase the photo for $99.99 straight up (which includes an option for paying $17 a month for six months) or make an offer. For more information, visit

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