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Posted by vp19 on 2015.05.05 at 22:44

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I have no idea whether Carole Lombard could play the piano, but if she knew how, it wouldn’t surprise me. Chances are that in her Fort Wayne childhood home, and perhaps a few of her Los Angeles residences, a piano was somewhere in the parlor. After all, in the days before radio and television, the piano vied with the phonograph as the primary source for home entertainment.

This photo has the stamp of approval from the Hollywood Advertising Advisory Council, which assisted Joseph Breen’s office regarding advertising for industry films, though I have no idea what movie or product this image was intended for. The date is Dec. 13, 1937, roughly the time when Lombard was at her commercial peak, with “Nothing Sacred” and “True Confession” both fighting for space in theaters:

This rare vintage photo, on glossy paper, measures 6″ x 8″. The left bottom corner has a slight crease, but that’s about its only defect.

You can purchase this for $400 straight up or for $67 monthly for six months. For more information about this item, visit


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