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Posted by vp19 on 2015.04.13 at 14:47

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Two vintage Paramount-era Kodak nitrate negatives of Carole Lombard from the 1930s are up for auction at Heritage Auctions this week. Both are 7.75″ x 9.75″ and are part of Sunday’s Internet Movie Poster Auction (OK, so neither are posters — we don’t need to get technical). The one above is p1202-430; the other one available is p1202-889:

P1202-430 (from late 1032/early ’33) is rated in very fine condition, while p1202-889 (late 1934) is deemed in fine/very fine condition. When properly processed, each can lead to outstanding positive images, as witnessed above. So if you’re into producing photos of Carole in your darkroom, each of these could prove a wise investment.

As of this writing, the current top bid on each is $26 ($40 with buyer’s premium). If you’re interested in p1202-430, visit http://movieposters.ha.com/itm/movie-posters/miscellaneous/carole-lombard-paramount-1930s-kodak-nitrate-negative-775-x-975-miscellaneous/a/161516-53074.s?type=wlem&wlc=421484513; for more on p1202-889, go to http://movieposters.ha.com/itm/movie-posters/miscellaneous/carole-lombard-paramount-1930s-kodak-nitrate-negative-775-x-975-miscellaneous/a/161516-53075.s?type=wlem&wlc=421484514. Learn about Heritage Auctions at http://www.ha.com/.

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