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We’ve known for some time that “Fireball,” Robert Matzen’s thorough account of Carole Lombard’s ill-fated Flight 3 on Jan. 16, 1942, was a winner. Now we have genuine proof.

“Fireball” won the gold award for biography at the Benjamin Franklin Awards, given by the Independent Book Publishers Association on Friday, in Austin, Texas:

Accepting the awards in absentia for Matzen was Carole Sampeck of The Carole Lombard Archive, who made the trip from Dallas on his behalf. For good luck, she wore a necklace that once belonged to Lombard:

It paid off:

Sampeck notes that while she couldn’t be prouder of the book if she had written it herself, credit should go to Matzen, “the one that did all the work! I got a little bit of the adulation and a little bit of the reward, but all I did was help, and the author did everything.” She also praises “the incredible research skills of Marina Gray. She found the last survivor of the few people that were bumped off the flight in Albuquerque. I don’t know of anybody who could’ve done that other than Marina.”

The setting was upscale — the occasion even warranted a harpist:

And we’re proud to note that in Austin, the self-proclaimed “live music capital of the world,” the book “Fireball” made some beautiful music as well.


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  1. I feel LUCKY to be a part of the Massive Throngs of People who have appreciated the delicious JOY of reading and studying the Wonderful Life of Carole Lombard! It is bliss find oneself lost in the masses of sensational photographs of her looking FABULOUS, Laughing Hysterically with Friends,,looking on with awe and Respect at the Flag of the United States..
    I know that with each of us, Death is a part of every Life.As difficult as it is every year, January 16 rolls around and your heart numbs ,knowing that she and 21 others were so cruelly taken on Potosi.The Laughter was GONE! HEr BEauty and “Sunlight” Gone too..Her Kindness and Professionalism towards her craft and coworkers, as was everyone else too.
    These many decades have carried with them the horror of the downing of the plane,.I respect the work that went into FIREBALL..Certainly the stories of the others taken with Carole bear a NEED to be told.too.
    HOWEVER, WHY did the author find it so necessary to go into the gruesome details of how these people were discovered? WHY hasn’t SOMEBODY in authority asked WHAT WOULD CAROLE HERSELF HAVE WANTED, aside from of course making it HOME..I feel great passion at believing the LADY would wish to be remembered as she lived: With JOY and LAUGHTER and LOVE…You wish to remember her accordingly? Scour photographs of her as often as possible, Spend several hours if needed.Her personality leaps off the images and straight into your heart! ANd for Heaven’s sake WATCH HER FILMS, which we are SO LUCKY to have..
    SOMETIME, I hope somebody will write a book focusing on her LIFE, and less so an undercurrent of the tragedy in LAs Vegas..
    WHat would she have wanted?I’d say NOT to have the Public so thoroughly informed of her condition upon demise..
    AS Rosalind Russell in the guise of AUNTIE MAME said in the picture:”LIFE is a BANQUET and MOST POOR SUCKERS are STARVING to DEATH!”..
    I believe this could be an epitaph for Lombard FOR SURE! All you have to do is watch her on screen and immerse yourself in those photos!REad stories of the crazy parties she loved..Can’t SOMEBODY write a Definitive volume regarding her LIFE for a change? That sort of book you could pick up numerous times for a smile before you go to sleep at night..She is inundated with the “Tragic” label!STOP IT , and Focus on the LIFE instead! If you do, you do a Great Service to an Unforgettably JOYOUS ,”Blythe Spirit”!
    Thank you

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