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Posted by vp19 on 2015.04.10 at 16:11

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Return with us now to those halcyon days of raccoon coats, football games with leather helmets and good-natured campus hijinks, with Carole Lombard — playing the college student she never was in real life — the sweetheart of any fraternity. Yes, it’s the 1920s, and three of Mack Sennett’s silent-era idealized vignettes about the college lifestyle from that time are now on DVD.

Two of them, “The Campus Vamp” (from which Carole is shown above) and to a lesser extent “Matchmaking Mamma,” shouldn’t really be labeled as “lost,” as both have been issued as extras on Lombard public domain DVDs. But while both Carole and Daphne Pollard are listed on the front of the case, their most famous campus collaboration, “Run, Girl, Run,” somehow didn’t make the cut.

Instead, the set is rounded out with “The Relay,” a short tale of class rivalry (in this case, it refers to sophomores vs. freshmen!) directed by Wesley Ruggles, who would later direct two of Lombard’s Paramount features, “No Man Of Her Own” and “True Confession.”

This never-opened DVD is on auction at eBay, with a beginning bid of $2. The auction will close at 8:02 p.m. (Eastern) next Thursday. Bid or learn more by visiting


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