Carole Lombard, on the ‘Virtue’ of smoking*   Leave a comment

Posted by vp19 on 2015.04.07 at 11:11

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(*This entry is not endorsed by the Surgeon General’s office.)

Then again, it was 1932 and Lombard, like most of us at the time, didn’t know any better. Smoking made you look chic and sophisticated — or so we thought — so it’s understandable Carole would wish to purvey such a feeling in a publicity pose. The back confirms the actress, year and film, her first loanout to Columbia:

The image retains a semblance of sex appeal, though perhaps not as much as it did nearly 83 years ago (but Lombard still looks lovely in a sheer blouse), and the original photograph is on sale at eBay. It’s 8″ x 10″, vintage and in very good condition. And you can make it yours in one of two ways — pay $339.95 on the spot or $57 for six months (the latter plan costs $2.05 more, for what it’s worth).

Wish to buy, or learn more? Then go to

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