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Posted by vp19 on 2015.02.07 at 15:25

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carole lombard 2334b eugene robert richee front

Carole Lombard, shown here in her new Hollywood Boulevard house in 1934, probably never had her own business card; as a film star, with most of her needs taken care of by the particular studio where she worked at the moment, she really had no need for one — especially since the vast majority of those who met her almost certainly knew who she was.

In contrast, most of us mere mortals do need business cards while going about our work…and that also applies for yours truly. Last March, we unveiled the first-ever Carole & Co. business card (, which looked like this:

carole & co. business card 00 front
carole & co. business card 00 back

They’ve been received so well at all sorts of events — given to everyone from Angie Dickinson to Turner Classic Movies’ Ben Mankiewicz (, as well as to “civilians,” that my supply was running low. As a result, I ordered another batch, altering the design somewhat to make the new version both more colorful and legible. Here’s the front of the card, taken from a photograph:

carole lombard carole & co. 2015 card 00c

All the information from both sides of the 2014 card is on the front of the 2015 edition, so did I leave the back blank? Of course not. I added another swimsuit shot of Lombard (what better way to use horizontal space?), as well as a slogan that I believe epitomizes her appeal:

carole lombard carole & co. 2015 card 01d

I handed out some of the new version last night while exchanging business cards at a screenwriters’ network social (yes, I’m pursuing that career, too — wish me luck), and they were received rather warmly. I’ll drop some off where I’ve left cards in the past around town, including the Larry Edmunds Bookshop; its Hollywood Boulevard neighbor, the Egyptian Theater; and some other places. It’s a good way to spread the word about this site, which has going strong for more than three-quarters of a decade. (Hard to me to fathom, but true.)

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