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carole lombard now and forever 06d

Until today, I believed this was the only photo extant showing Carole Lombard and Shirley Temple by themselves in the 1934 Paramount vehicle “Now And Forever.” But I was wrong — and am glad to be wrong, too. Take a look at this charming picture of them.

carole lombard now and forever 31a front

This is an original black-and-white, doubleweight photo measuring 7.5″ x 10″; the seller lists it in “very good” condition, adding “there is some minor wear to the surface.” Here’s what the back looks like — there’s no information of note, just the actresses’ names:

carole lombard now and forever 31a back

As of this writing, no bids have been made, a bit surprising for a relatively obscure photo featuring two bona fide legends. The opening bid is $9.99, and the auction closes at 9:40 p.m. (Eastern) Sunday — in other words, about the time the Super Bowl will be winding down. Want to “run for daylight” with this gem? Then go to

In closing, let’s note the passing of poet and composer Rod McKuen at age 81. His style was a perfect fit for the late 1960s, and his songs were recorded by many artists…including Frank Sinatra. In fact, Frank had a minor hit in the fall of 1969 with this romantic reflection, “Love’s Been Good To Me.” (Like another Sinatra gem, “It Was A Very Good Year,” this previously had been recorded by the Kingston Trio.)

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