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Over the 7 1/2-plus years Carole & Co. has been in business, we’ve carried the banner for Carole Lombard in all sorts of competitions, culminating when she won the 2013 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney (, beating Bette Davis, who would win the event the following year.

Now, it’s time for our members and fans to help Lombard once more, this time in a ranking of the greatest movie actresses of all time. Tim Dirks of selected 50 actresses from the silent era to the current day, and a site many of us no longer associate with classic Hollywood — AMC — is asking the public to rate them (

As of a few minutes ago, here were the top seven:

amc 50 greatest actresses 00

Where’s Carole, you may ask? Substantially lower on the list…

amc 50 greatest actresses 01

Only 40th on the list, but that’s a step up from 42nd two days ago, and 41st yesterday. Can Lombard make a substantial jump? Maybe, but she’ll need your help.

Here’s how the process works: Actresses are voted “up” or “down,” which are compiled into plus and minus points. Carole is a minus-56, trailing Jane Fonda by a scant 79 points, while first-place Barbra Streisand’s 6,169 points put her nearly 3,000 points up on second-place Bette Davis.

Other 1930s stars ranked and not shown in either listing above include Ingrid Bergman eighth, Joan Crawford 12th, Barbara Stanwyck 14th, Olivia de Havilland 16th, Rita Hayworth 17th, Greta Garbo 22nd, Claudette Colbert 29th, Jean Arthur 45th, Mary Pickford 46th (remember, her last film came out in 1933) and Mae West 49th.

So go to the poll using the URL above and vote your favorites up and your un-favorites (for lack of a better word) down, and perhaps we can shoot Lombard up a few places.

carole lombard p1202-277f front

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