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Yesterday, we ran the first of a two-part Carole Lombard life story from fan magazine writer (and friend) Elizabeth Wilson in the October 1935 issue of Screenland, more or less focusing on the current Carole. In the November issue, Wilson goes into the past tense regarding Lombard, and while few things here are new, it does make for good reading from one of Carole’s closest journalistic Hollywood chums:

carole lombard screenland november 1935aa
carole lombard screenland november 1935ba
carole lombard screenland november 1935ca

I’ve never heard the story of her meeting Charlie Chaplin on Catalina Island, one I have doubts about since I seriously don’t believe that her mother — who’d certainly heard the stories about Chaplin’s affection for young ladies — would have let her meet him without an escort. And while we now all know Carole’s professional name included an “e” as early as her Fox tenure in 1935, Wilson probably lacked files dating back that far.

As stated, this ran in the November 1935 issue, where the renowned portrait artist Charles Gates Sheldon tried his hand at Greta Garbo…and succeeded:

carole lombard screenland november 1935 cover

Speaking of Garbo, the October 1935 Screenland featured one of the biggest “scoops” in fanmag history — an interview with her, someone loath to converse with the Hollywood press. This appears to be the real deal, largely because it was conducted on her “home” turf of Stockholm, where she probably was more comfortable with the local reporting corps. (I’m guessing it initially ran in Swedish, then was translated into English.) Are there any huge revelations here? Not really, but it’s a reminder that this most artistic, and reclusive, of actresses wasn’t a Sphinx, as she once was pictured so memorably by Clarence Sinclair Bull (a trick portrait she reportedly loved), but someone with humanity who chose to live on her own terms.

greta garbo screenland october 1935ab
greta garbo screenland october 1935ba
greta garbo screenland october 1935ca
greta garbo screenland october 1935da

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