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carole lombard mr. & mrs. smith 82a

Carole Lombard’s next-to-last film, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” became somewhat lost in translation when the movie was promoted in foreign tongues — after all, merely stating the couple’s names as a film title didn’t necessarily convey the tale of marital mayhem, especially since Lombard’s last few movies had been dramas.

Despite World War II, there were some non-English speaking markets open, particularly in Latin and South America. In Argentina, RKO representatives tried this angle for their posters:

carole lombard mr. & mrs. smith poster argentina 00a

“Su Amado Enemido” is Spanish for “Her Beloved Enemy” (why “Her”? Well, Carole was top-billed), and she and co-star Robert Montgomery were shown smiling to emphasize that this film was a comedy. (Listing Alfred Hitchcock as a director could also throw some people off.)

A Spanish seller is offering this 27″ x 41″ one-sheet for $2,310; if interested (and if you have that kind of money), go to

In all, this seller has 18 vintage Lombard posters, with the only English-language one-sheet being an American poster for “The Gay Bride”:

carole lombard the gay bride poster 00a

Prices range from $1,680 for posters from “Love Before Breakfast” and “True Confession” to $7,700 for this stylish poster advertising “Twentieth Century,” here called “Primadonna”:

carole lombard twentieth century poster 02b

To see all the items, visit


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