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Posted by vp19 on 2014.11.19 at 09:19

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carole lombard fast and loose 06b henry wadsworth

Many Carole Lombard fans know “Fast And Loose” is the only film she ever made in New York (at Paramount Pictures’ East Coast facility in Astoria, Queens). But were you aware it was Carole’s lone movie with an iconoclastic star of the 1930s, someone whose fortunes frequently would be linked to Lombard?

We’re referring to Miriam Hopkins, shown below in “Fast And Loose”:

miriam hopkins fast and loose 002a

And the good news for fans of the classic Hollywood blogosphere is that Hopkins — a favorite of Ernst Lubitsch and the star of the first three-strip Technicolor feature (“Becky Sharp,” 1935) — is getting a blogathon of her own come this January.

miriam hopkins blogathon banner 00

I’m delighted to announce I’ve been accepted to take part in the blogathon, discussing “Fast And Loose” and the oft-overlooked ties between Carole and Miriam over the years. It promises to be plenty of fun and a challenge to write. You can learn more about the blogathon by visiting http://silverscreenings.org/2014/11/18/announcing-the-miriam-hopkins-blogathon. (Oh, and if you’re unfamiliar with “Font And Frock,” one of the sponsoring blogs, that’s because it won’t begin until January.)

Several banners have been created for the Miriam Hopkins blogathon…but I noted one of my favorite films of hers wasn’t used for one. I have since rectified that by creating a banner, based on Lubitsch’s delightful “The Smiling Lieutenant,” as Hopkins nervously accepts Claudette Colbert’s request to “let me see your underwear.” (Claudette’s intention, of course, is to jazz up her lingerie.)

miriam hopkins blogathon banner 04a

See you in January.


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