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carole lombard lady by choice 04c

“Lady By Choice,” which would be Carole Lombard’s fifth and final film at Columbia in late 1934, was an enjoyable outing for both star and studio. We’ve noted that coarse Columbia mogul Harry Cohn, one of the most disliked people in the industry, had a good working relationship with Carole — probably because he gave her better vehicles than did her home studio of Paramount. That continued with “Lady By Choice,” Cohn’s attempt to cash in on the success of his “Lady For A Day” success the year before. (Forget that there’s no real link between the movies.)

Another publicity photo from the film shows Lombard on the set with co-star May Robson, along with a guest (one Carole knew well) working on another Columbia production:

carole lombard lady by choice may robson warner baxter 00b front

He’s Warner Baxter, a castmate of Carole in 1930’s “The Arizona Kid.” And while he was friendly with Lombard, he was primarily there to see Robson, as this snipe indicates:

carole lombard lady by choice may robson warner baxter 00c back

Interesting story about the relationship between Robson and Baxter’s wife, as Lombard listens intently.

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