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carole lombard as child 01
carole lombard 100808 fort wayne journal-gazette closeup

That “little daughter” noted in the Oct. 8, 1908 Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, whom the Peters named Jane Alice, would go on to world renown as Carole Lombard. She would be one of the leading lights in a then-largely unknown area of southern California called Hollywood, in the infant industry of motion pictures.

Yesterday’s entry dealt with “Fireball” author Robert Matzen’s visit to the Indiana city this past Oct. 5, the day before the 116th anniversary of Lombard’s birth. Today, we have some more photos relating to the event, specifically shots of Jane Alice’s birthplace at the Victorian mansion on 704 Rockhill Street. Four of them are interiors, enabling those who have never been to the birth home (previously a bed-and-breakfast) to get a sense of the place, which has been meticulously cared for by Rick and Cora Brandt.

First of all, the master bedroom, where we presume Jane Alice Peters entered the world that Tuesday evening:

carole lombard house master bedroom 00
carole lombard house master bedroom 01

And here’s the room that was hers until she, her mother and two older brothers left for California in the fall of 1914:

carole lombard house jane alice peters bedroom 00
carole lombard house jane alice peters room 02

Now, two exterior shots; Matzen says they are “of the original scroll work on the front of the house and a shot of the rear. Unfortunately, both the front and back porches were enclosed after the Peters ownership.”

carole lombard house exterior 00
carole lombard house exterior 01

Finally, two other houses in the neighborhood with ties to the Peters family. First, the Knight building on Spy Run Avenue, where Elizabeth Knight married Frederick Peters in 1902. Today, Matzen says it is “home to Shepherd’s House, a shelter for homeless veterans of the U.S. military.”

carole lombard fort wayne knight mansion shepherd's house

Second, the Peters mansion on West Wayne Street; according to Matzen, “An elderly woman once approached the owner with a memory of seeing baby Jane Alice Peters in this house.”

carole lombard fort wayne peters mansion

A beautiful neighborhood, where the house on 704 Rockhill had this plaque added to it on Jan. 1, 1938 — another master promotional stroke by famed publicist Russell Birdwell:

carole lombard house plaque 00b

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