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carole lombard made for each other 66a

You may be aware that “Made For Each Other” is among the eight Carole Lombard films that Turner Classic Movies will air on Monday to commemorate the 106th anniversary of her birth (http://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/727768.html). But that’s not the only channel where you’ll find it that day. The 1939 domestic drama co-starring James Stewart will be carried by getTV, the channel operated by Sony Entertainment, as one of four Carole films.

Lombard is getTV’s “Icon of the Week,” and the channel gave her a nice salute on its website:

carole lombard get tv 01
carole lombard get tv 02

“Made For Each Other” kicks off the quartet of Lombard’s getTV films at 10:55 a.m. (Eastern), only 25 minutes after it starts on TCM. It’s the only movie both channels are duplicating; the next three on getTV all are from Columbia — “Brief Moment” at 1 p.m. …

carole lombard brief moment 28

…”Virtue” at 2:35…

carole lombard virtue 50a

…and “No More Orchids” at 4:05:

carole lombard no more orchids 22b

Say you’d prefer to watch TCM’s package on Monday — don’t worry. Each of the Lombard films will air at least twice more during October, although only once will they air as a block of four, beginning at 11:25 p.m. (Eastern) Monday, Oct. 27. For the month’s schedule, visit http://get.tv/pdf/getTV_Schedule_October_2014_PDT.pdf. Not sure if getTV is available in your market? You can find out its status by going to http://get.tv/get-the-channel.

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