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carole lombard cine monde 062933a

That continent being Europe, of course. and here’s Carole Lombard putting fifty million Frenchmen (OK, so the male population of France isn’t quite that number) under her spell. After all, she is “Une blonde en Amerique!”, and Europeans view American blonde beauties — then and now — as larger-than-life goddesses.

That issue, Cine Monde from June 29, 1933, currently is up for auction at eBay, as are two other European mags with Carole covers, courtesy of the same seller. This one’s also from France –– Mon Cine from Dec. 11, 1930, which uses Lombard’s initial Paramount player portrait, p1202-1:

carole lombard mon cine 121130b

Finally, let’s head to the Netherlands for Femme magazine, which made Lombard its cover subject on April 8, 1934:

carole lombard femme 040834b

The magazine’s editor must’ve been a fan of hers, because there was Carole on the cover barely two months later:

carole lombard femme 061034b

All three have opening bid prices of $4, with auctions closing between 4:45 and 4:51 p.m. (Eastern) on Tuesday.

The Cine Monde is oversize (10 1/2″ x 16″, the better to get all of “super sexy Carole Lombard” on the cover) and in good condition save for some minor chafing on the spine. To bid or learn more, visit

Mon Cine is described as in “Overall good condition but some minor discoloration on the edge.” Additional info is at

The April 1934 Femme also is oversize (10″ x 14 1/2″), and is in “overall good condition with some minor tearing along the spine.” Want to bid, or are curious? Then go to

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