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carole lombard 011542 indiana v for victory large

Carole Lombard flashes the “V” for victory sign at a war bond rally at the Indiana state capitol in Indianapolis on Jan. 15, 1942 — the last full day of her life. On the 16th, Lombard, her mother Elizabeth Peters, MGM press agent Otto Winkler and 19 others died in a plane crash in Nevada.

We’ve already announced that Robert Matzen, whose book “Fireball” investigates the mysterious accident involving TWA Flight 3, will give a lecture Sunday, Oct. 5 (the day before the 106th anniversary of Carole’s birth as Jane Alice Peters) at the history center in Fort Wayne, Lombard’s hometown ( But we have more information on the event, which is free:

* The Carole Lombard Archive Foundation, whose founder is my good friend Carole Sampeck, will exhibit a number of Lombard items, including the black lace scarf Lombard wore at the Indianapolis bond rally (I believe it’s pictured below)…

carole lombard 011542 indiana bond rally largest

…hunting licenses that belonged to Lombard and second husband Clark Gable…

carole lombard clark gable 1941 waterfowl stamps 02b
carole lombard clark gable 1941 waterfowl stamps 01c

…and the famed George Hurrell portrait of Carole (signed “Pa, I love you. Ma” on the back) which Gable kept in his dressing room:

carole lombard george hurrell pa dear i love you ma

* Once the lecture is over, a free tour of the Victorian house at 704 Rockhill Street where Lombard was born will take place.

carole lombard house 00a

* Additional info about the event can be found in a Fort Wayne News-Sentinel article from Sunday, which also includes a sidebar about Sampeck and the Carole Lombard Archive Foundation (, as well as an entry at Matzen’s fine blog (

This promises to be a special event for any Lombard fan who can make it to Fort Wayne that day. I only wish I could join you.

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  1. Oh my God that picture at the top gives me chills. This sounds like an incredibly moving weekend. So many of us will be there in spirit! Thank you for keeping us apprised of all that’s going on with Carole! You really do amazing work!!

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