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Still housesitting (but not for long)

Posted by vp19 on 2014.06.01 at 18:23
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June 1 arguably marks the start of swimsuit season, so while you admire a pic of Carole Lombard in a swimsuit, an update on my situation. The bad news is that I’m still a housesitter, though I’m doing it perfectly legally, unlike Goldie Hawn’s character in the 1992 film by that name since it’s my brother’s house in Maryland I’m housesitting for…

The good news is that I’ll stop housesitting as of tomorrow, take the train back to Virginia and be home by nightfall, at which time I aim to resume my daily regular Carole & Co. entries. So hold tight, gang.

carole lombard 05

Where’s he been? Here’s the answer

Posted by vp19 on 2014.05.30 at 06:30
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One of the things this site dedicated to Carole Lombard prides itself on is doing an entry every day, so when a day (or, in this case, two) goes by without an entry, some people raise red flags of concern. No need to worry; unlike what happened 18 months ago, when I tore a ligament in my right knee and was without Internet access for nearly three weeks, I’m in reasonably good health. Here’s the cause for my relatively brief absence.

I’m housesitting for my brother in Maryland, who’s currently in Florida looking for a new apartment. I arrived Monday, and things went fine with wi-fi until a storm came Tuesday night. Since then, my laptop has been rendered useless, save for brief trips to a restaurant with wi-fi access. I can’t spend too much time online, so I have to keep this brief.

Rest assured, I should be back home by Monday night. Until then, it’ll be catch as catch can, for which I apologize. Take care.

carole lombard 02

Broadway’s little giant to take on a Lombard role

Posted by vp19 on 2014.05.27 at 15:00
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It was 80 years ago this month that Carole Lombard soared to what her were unprecedented critical heights via her work opposite John Barrymore in “Twentieth Century.” And this month, we’ve learned that her Lily Garland character — who found fame on Broadway before rejecting it for Hollywood (shudders!) — is coming back to the Great White Way, via an actress who literally is height-challenged, but is a towering talent in so many ways…

…Kristin Chenoweth, all 4-foot-11 of her.

Chenoweth — blessed with a superlative singing voice — has had success in film, TV, recordings and the concert hall, but Broadway arguably is where she’s garnered her principal acclaim. “Wicked” (for which she won a Tony award) remains her signature stage achievement, though she’s appeared in an array of other productions.

The show, scheduled to open in early 2015, will be a revival of the Betty Comden-Adolph Green-Cy Coleman musical “On The Twentieth Century,” which premiered in 1979. (The 1934 movie with Lombard and John Barrymore was itself an adaptation of a Ben Hecht-Charles MacArthur play.) Peter Gallagher will co-star as egotistical impresario Oscar Jaffe (http://www.broadway.com/buzz/175523/all-aboard-kristin-chenoweth-peter-gallagher-will-star-in-on-the-twentieth-century-on-broadway-noises-off-postponed/).

Lily Garland is a role Chenoweth has sought to perform for years, and in May 2011 she issued a statement to that effect. It’s not the first Lombard-related part she’s been publicly associated with; in 2007, there was talk of a musical version of “My Man Godfrey,” with Kristin in Carole’s role of Irene Bullock, but the project never reached fruition. (Does this mean Chenoweth is a Lombard fan? I’d love to find out.)

And while the diminutive Kristin may have short legs (though anyone who’s seen swimsuit shots of her can vouch that they’re shapely ones), they should be long enough for her to achieve this during the show, a scene we look forward to seeing:

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