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Posted by vp19 on 2014.03.25 at 19:39
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carole lombard william powell agua caliente b

No, not for that. Carole Lombard (shown with then-husband William Powell and Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Truex) not only was 24 when that shot (the photo!) was taken in January 1933, and it was taken at Agua Caliente in Mexico. (In fact, Lombard probably was never asked for proof of age for drinking even after she turned 21 on Oct. 6, 1929. A little thing called Prohibition, y’know.)

We have a different sort of carding in mind…specifically, this:

carole & co. business card 00 front

Introducing the first Carole & Co. business card, which I think looks pretty good (though if you’re viewing it on a typical desktop screen, it’s about 2 1/4 times its actual size). A lovely smile from Lombard, from about ’33 or so. If you’re more into Lombard’s legs than her smile, here’s a swimsuit scene on the flip side:

carole & co. business card 00 back

If you’re attending the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood two weeks hence, I’ll have some cards on hand, ready to distribute. (Since I don’t have credentials — after all, the main purpose of the trip is to search for an apartment when I make my planned move to Los Angeles later this year, and I didn’t arrange my visit until after the press deadline had ended — I’ll try to be low-key.) Looking forward to seeing you there.

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