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carole lombard p1202-1484a

You now have three chances to do so, as a trio of vintage Hollywood Pattern designs with Carole Lombard on the package are up for auction at eBay. Lots of fun for those of you who adore 1930s fashion.

First up is a new one for us, Hollywood Pattern 1374:

carole lombard hollywood pattern 1374b

While it’s a misses frock, to be fair, it’s probably designed more for Madalynne Fields (Lombard’s large-scale good friend and personal secretary) — it’s a size 40, which according to the seller is for a lady with measurements of 40-34-43. The pattern is a “one-piece frock from neck to hem, dart fitted front and back under belt. A graduated front panel continues to the V neck which is finished with wide lapels. Long or short sleeves. Novelty trimming optional. The pattern has been gently used and is complete with the instructions. The envelope is in fair condition.”

Bidding opens at $22, and the auction ends at 9:52 a.m. (Eastern) Sunday. Bid, or learn more, by visiting

The other two are pattern packages we’ve highlighted before, beginning with Hollywood Pattern 1132:

carole lombard hollywood pattern 1132c

This one’s a size 14, measurements of 32-26.5-35. The seller describes it as a “dinner or daytime frock in floor length or shorter. Front and back panels or skirt are in one with blouse. Skirt joins blouse at sides in built up waistline. Cape collar is used on sleeveless version. Short sleeves have an open flare above fitted lower edge. Lace finishes the sleeves and hemline on long frock. The pattern has been gently used and is complete with the instructions. The envelope is in fair condition.”

This auction will end a minute before that of pattern 1374, but the initial bid is for $40. Curious? Then go to

Finally, we have Hollywood Pattern 1152, a two-piece culotte in misses’ size 16:

carole lombard hollywood pattern 1152e

Measurements for this one are 34-28-37, and here’s additional info from the seller: “Sew Simple two-piece frock with culotte skirt. Shirt blouse is gathered below yoke at front and back. Has lapped front closing and single patch pocket. Scarf ties under collar. Short sleeves have turn back cuffs. Skirt is flared and finished with a tied girdle. The pattern is still FACTORY FOLDED, UNUSED and is complete with the instructions. The envelope is in fair condition.”

Its unused status probably explains why this has the highest opening bid price of the three…$44. Bidding is scheduled to end at 9:46 a.m. (Eastern) Sunday. If you’re interested in this collectible, check out

Three ways to cultivate some Carole chic.

carole lombard p1202-1323b

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