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Posted by vp19 on 2014.03.06 at 21:25
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carole lombard made for each other 44c

This site is planning to participate in yet another blogathon, one dedicated to the man you see with Carole Lombard in the photo above. He’s James Stewart, of course, so it’s only appropriate the blogathon’s title is as straight to the point as Jimmy himself…

james stewart blogathon 00b

As you can see, the blogathon is sponsored by the Classic Film & TV Cafe; my entry, which will focus not only on “Made For Each Other” (the only film Stewart and Lombard made together) but on Jimmy’s other Carole connections, is slated to run on April 15, the event’s second day. As of this writing, 23 bloggers have agreed to participate, with nine spots remaining — and several of Stewart’s best-known films, including “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington,” “The Shop Around The Corner” (my favorite performance of his, below, with Margaret Sullavan) and “It’s A Wonderful Life,” have yet to be claimed.

the shop around the corner 00b

Interested in participating? First of all, visit to see if the film (or angle) you wish to write about is available. Then, email with your proposal; be sure it includes your name, blog’s name and web address, and the title of your post. The deadline is April 5. Rick will send out additional information to all blogathon participants, to include a link to the final schedule.

Stewart is arguably the quintessential American actor, with a range that made him a favorite of virtually every notable director of classic Hollywood (from Ernst Lubitsch to Frank Capra to Alfred Hitchcock, to name but a few). He also worked with all sorts of classic-era leading ladies — in his films released in 1939 alone, he co-starred with Lombard, Jean Arthur, Marlene Dietrich, Claudette Colbert and Joan Crawford. And yet, I don’t believe Stewart ever made a film with this star, even though you can tell from this photo that they were on friendly terms:

barbara stanwyck james stewart 01b

Barbara Stanwyck almost certainly was the feminine equal of Stewart for sheer versatility. The mind boggles at the countless types of movies they could have co-starred in — screwball comedies, westerns, film noir...

Oh, and while we’re speaking of blogathons, don’t forget the one I’m sponsoring, which will kick off May:

the smiling lieutenant 03d jazz up your lingerie

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