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Posted by vp19 on 2014.02.04 at 22:04
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carole lombard mr. & mrs. smith 82aYou may have heard that I am planning to host something called “The Romantic Comedy Blogathon” from May 1 to 4, focusing on the genre of romantic or screwball comedy (such as “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” above, with Carole Lombard playing the Mrs. and Robert Montgomery the Mr.). Well, as it turns out, I was wrong; I am nothosting such a blogathon…but I am co-hosting one.

What caused the change? Actually, it’s a who, specifically Lara Gabrielle Fowler, one of my best friends in cyberspace and administrator of the blog “Backlots” (http://backlots.net/).

backlots 00

With references to Myrna Loy, Marion Davies and “It Happened One Night” on that screen grab, it’s apparent Lara is a fan of romantic comedy, among other genres — and I’m delighted she is taking part in this endeavor, which is scheduled to conclude some three months from tonight. (So you have plenty of time to come up with an idea for an entry, then relay it to either Lara or myself. And remember, this isn’t limited to classic-era romantic comedy; if you or one of your friends would like to compose something on a romcom of more recent times, be my guest.)

As a result of “Backlots” getting on board, we’ve had to come up with new banners. Our Lombard-related banner hails from her comedic breakthrough, “Twentieth Century”:

carole lombard twentieth century 057b

Other new banners derive from “The Awful Truth”…

the awful truth 02c

…”The Bride Come C.O.D.”…

the bride came c.o.d. 00c

…”The Mad Miss Manton”…

the mad miss manton 00c

…”The Smiling Lieutenant”…

the smiling lieutenant 03d jazz up your lingerie

…and “Topper Takea A Trip”:

topper takes a trip 02c

And that “Libeled Lady” we ran the other day has been updated to include “Backlots”:

libeled lady 07c

Those of you with other blogs are encouraged to re-size and re-use these banners as you see fit — and we hope you will not only publicize the event, but participate as well.

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