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carole lombard in name only 27b front

It’s August 1939, and you’ve just arrived in New York City, specifically at the Plymouth Hotel on West 49th Street, just east of Broadway. Carole Lombard has a new picture out, “In Name Only” with Cary Grant, and you’ve got a hankering to see it. But where?

As fate would have it, you see Carole’s mug on something that can supply an answer — a magazine called Info About New York, compliments of the hotel:

carole lombard info new york 081139aa

You open it up to see where it’s playing, and lo and behold, it’s only blocks from the Plymouth, at a venue you would’ve wanted to visit regardless — Radio City Music Hall, at Rockefeller Center:

carole lombard info new york 081139fb

In its second week, too.

While in town, you use this publication to fill you in on what’s going on around town…and in New York in the summer of 1939, that’s quite a lot…

carole lombard info new york 081139ba
carole lombard info new york 081139ca
carole lombard info new york 081139da

Head to the World’s Fair over in Queens? Of course!

1939a new york world's fair

carole lombard info new york 081139ea

Kate Hepburn back on the stage in something called “The Philadelphia Story.” Wonder if they’d make a movie out of that? Speaking of adaptations, you see Metro is premiering its version of L. Frank Baum’s initial “Oz” book….wonder if that will work?

carole lombard info new york 081139fa
carole lombard info new york 081139ga

You see the Giants and Dodgers are both at home over the weekend, New York vs. the Phillies and Brooklyn vs. Boston, before playing three at Ebbets Field; by that time, the Yankees (who are running away from the American League, as usual) will have come home to the Bronx for a few games against the Senators. If you have a free afternoon, perhaps you’ll take in a game — and if you’ll be around on the night of the 22nd, you can watch Henry Armstrong defend his lightweight title at the Stadium.

carole lombard info new york 081139ha
carole lombard info new york 081139ia

cab calloway 00count basie 00

Swing out and dance one night, but to whom — Cab Calloway at the Cotton Club, or Count Basie at the Famous Door? Decisions, decisions…

carole lombard info new york 081139ja
carole lombard info new york 081139ka

The booklet measures 7 1/4″ x 10″, and aside from a minor stains on the cover, is in excellent shape. It’s a passport to a Manhattan my parents knew as teenagers (although both at the time resided on the Brooklyn side of the bridges) a Manhattan that in less than a month would hear the drumbeats of wars from across the Atlantic. But this will cost somewhat above the 10 cents shown on the cover…how about $29.99? (Or you can make an offer.) Find out all the information by visiting

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