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carole lombard screen guide november 1937 cover large

Happy New Year to all, and we’re celebrating with the first of five consecutive days of Carole Lombard-related Screen Guide issues from the late 1930s, in chronological order. Two have Carole on the cover; above is the November 1937 issue.

Inside, there’s a two-page spread of Carole in the fight scene from “Nothing Sacred,” which hit theaters that month:

carole lombard screen guide november 1937acarole lombard  screen guide november 1937b

OK, so the title “How To Make A Girl Behave” seems a bit misogynistic viewed through 2013 — oops, 2014! — eyes, but there are some fun pics of Lombard’s bout with Fredric March.

That’s about it for Carole content in this issue, so let’s examine some of the “& Co.” items. First, the “Today In Hollywood” page:

screen guide november 1937a

As you probably guessed, that’s Myrna Loy lookalike Virginia Verrill, not Myrna herself — with her ankles having thickened a few years back, there was no way Myrna would do a swimsuit pose in 1937.

The next subject is Loy’s studio stablemate and good friend Joan Crawford. We don’t see Joan, just an aerial view of the mansion she and Franchot Tone called home:

screen guide november 1937b

In the reviews section, James Cagney gets plaudits for “Something To Sing About” (made at obscure Grand National after yet another dispute with Warners), but Kay Francis doesn’t get similar treatment for “First Lady”:

screen guide november 1937f

Leggy comic songstress Martha Raye is profiled returning to Hollywood by train:

screen guide november 1937g
screen guide november 1937h

With the recent passing of Jean Harlow, Screen Guide decided to run an entry on the mortality of movie stars, and whether work conditions led to the premature demise of some:

screen guide november 1937c
screen guide november 1937d
screen guide november 1937e

And, of course, there were ads for films throughout the issue. On the inside front cover was MGM hyping Greta Garbo and Charles Boyer in “Conquest”…

screen guide november 1937i

…while the inside back cover trumpeted RKO’s all-star adaptation of the Broadway hit “Stage Door”:

screen guide november 1937j

Inside was an ad for Leslie Howard, Joan Blondell and Humphrey Bogart in “Stand-In” (with a cast like that, it sounds like a Warners production, but it was actually a United Artists movie from Walter Wanger)…

screen guide november 1937k

…and finally, a genuine Warners film, “The Life Of Emile Zola,” which won three Academy Awards — best picture, best screenplay and best supporting actor for Joseph Schildkraut:

screen guide november 1937l

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