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carole lombard motion picture september 1940ca

Carole Lombard, flanked by dogs, graced the cover of the September 1940 issue of Motion Picture magazine. She was featured in a few other things in this issue, such as in this gossipy “The Talk Of Hollywood” column:

carole lombard motion picture september 1940ab
carole lombard motion picture september 1940ac

carole lombard motion picture september 1940ad
carole lombard motion picture september 1940ba

Interesting times at the Gables’ ranch.

Other stars were profiled, such as Loretta Young and her sisters:

loretta young motion picture september 1940aa
loretta young motion picture september 1940ba
loretta young motion picture september 1940ca

Love that Pepsi-Cola ad.

Speaking of ads, here’s Claudette Colbert for Lux:

claudette colbert lux ad motion picture september 1940a

The magazine is in very good condition, and part of a colossal collection of vintage movie (or movie-related) mags dating from 1923 to 1943 that the seller will place on eBay in the near future:

vintage movie magazines 00a

As for this one, one bid has been made as of this writing, for $10. Bidding is slated to end at 10:28 p.m. (Eastern) on Wednesday. If you’d like to add this to your holdings, find out more by visiting

I write this some 100 minutes after learning of the passing of Nelson Mandela; at age 95, his death doesn’t come as a surprise — particularly following a long illness that gained worldwide attention throughout much of this year — but it nevertheless comes as a shock. He ranks among the greatest and most important figures of the 20th century, a true icon not only of South Africa, but the world.

Mandela spent 27 years imprisoned for his brave opposition to apartheid, a sentence that would have destroyed and embittered most of us. But a special grace he had led him to hate the system, not the people, and upon his remarkable release in 1990 — something cheered throughout the globe — he constructively ended apartheid and became South Africa’s first black president four years later. He would be the first to tell you that he was no saint, but he guided that drastically altered nation through very uneasy times as it shed its racist past. While South Africa still has plenty of problems, it’s a country where black and white live in reasonable harmony, the economic beacon of the continent. And Mandela’s approach, refusing to seek vengeance, helped make it happen.

nelson mandela 01a

Rest in peace, sir.

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