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carole lombard piccolo 072835b cover

Back in August, we did an entry on several Carole Lombard items at auction, including a July 1935 cover shot on the magazine Piccolo (, which despite its Italian-sounding name was actually published for Dutch and Belgian readers. Now, here are three more Carole cover appearances on that magazine, including two more from ’35.

We will, however, begin with the Feb. 12, 1933 issue:

carole lombard piccolo 021233a

Next up, a relaxed Lombard graces the Oct. 13, 1935 issue:

carole lombard piccolo101335a

And finally, through superimposing a pic on a seasonal background, a Christmas Carole from Dec. 22, 1935 — her third Piccolo cover in just under five months:

carole lombard piccolo122235a

Who did the editors think she was, Jennifer Aniston? (Yes, I’m aware that the very premise of comparing Aniston to Lombard reeks of heresy.)

Bidding on each of these magazines opens at $12, with the auction on all three ending just after 10 p.m. (Eastern) next Sunday.

For the Feb. 12, 1933 issue, go to; to learn more on the Oct. 13, 1935 issue, visit; and information on the Dec. 22, 1935 issue can be found at

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