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Yesterday’s entry dealt with legendary photographer George Hurrell, the subject of a book from Mark A. Vieira to be released next month:

carole lombard george hurrell's hollywood cover 00b

To get you in even more of a Hurrell mood, here’s a perspective on his work — one Lombard herself possibly read, because it comes from the Aug. 27, 1940 issue of Look magazine. Hurrell’s name often was attached to portraits of his that ran in fan magazines and such, but this shows he indeed was gaining appreciation from the general public. The article ran for four pages, the second of which is a full-page pic of Carole from a few years before:

carole lombard look 082740b

Can’t read the caption in the lower left-hand corner? Here it is:

carole lombard look 082740c

From “frizzled hair” to “Gable-gagging.” Okay…

Now, the first, third and fourth pages of the spread:

george hurrell look 082740aa
george hurrell look 082740ba
george hurrell look 082740ca

See how Hurrell coaxes Bette Davis into a pose. It’s also interesting to compare the two Jean Harlow portraits on the middle page, and note Loretta Young and Tyrone Power on the full-page shot.

Just to get an idea of what Look was like that issue, let’s check out some other pics, beginning with Ann Rutherford on the cover:

look 082740a cover

Carole’s husband Clark Gable got some publicity for his latest film, “Boom Town”:

look 082740aa
look 082740ba
look 082740ca
look 082740da

There’s a good chance Lombard read that, and since she also was an avid baseball fan, she likely looked at this feature on Cincinnati Reds ace Bucky Walters, a converted third baseman:

look 082740ea
look 082740fa
look 082740ga
look 082740ha

Walters and the Reds would win their second consecutive National League pennant in 1940, defeating Detroit in seven games in that October’s World Series.

In those days, active ballplayers were allowed to endorse cigarettes (this was decades before the Surgeon General’s report on tobacco), and Walters, Yankees star Joe DiMaggio and Washington Senators speedster George Case teamed to peddle Camels on the back cover:

look 082740a back cover

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